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BB & B:  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

NancyNancy: I’m a first-generation American with cultural ties to several countries rich in legends and folklore. I’ve published five books, and am in the process of publishing three more. All of my books are action-adventure/horror/romance/thrillers which are based on legends, folklore, urban legend, myth, rumor, etc.

BB & B: You have been writing stories since you were a wee little girl 🙂  Tell us about what you saw and experienced as a child that captivated your imagination to write.   Do you still have any of your stories from back then?

Nancy: I didn’t spend too much time with my Irish-French Canadian father, and never really met his side of the family, so I was raised Salvadoran. My mom and her family immigrated to the US a few years before I was born. Since they had left before the Salvadoran Civil War, the stories they would tell were happy “remember-back-when” kind of stories, and spooky events they had “actually lived through”. I loved to listen in as they told these stories at birthday parties and get-togethers.

 I have a file cabinet filled with stories. My uncle would also commission me to write stories which he’d then sell to his friends.

BB & B: You’ve heard a lot of legends and folktales as you were growing up.  Any favorites?  Why?

209983_2051412848794_3063220_oNancy: I loved the ‘bad woman’ stories—the ones where the man was cheating on his wife with a woman who was later revealed to practice witchcraft. Most of the time she had cast a spell on him, and the only way to break it was to find the location where she’d buried his picture and whatever she was using to bind him to her. It was never the man’s fault… it was the witch’s. That’s why I really love the legend of La Ziguanaba. She was a malicious entity who wandered the river and gorges of El Salvador, waiting for any wayward men to attack.

These stories were told as a warning to men: if they were out at night, fooling around, the Ziguanaba would get them. The best stories were the ‘true’ stories, the ones where the man who was attacked was a relative or a friend of the family. My step-father knew a lot of people who had seen La Ziguanaba but had escaped her clutches.

I also loved the stories about El Cipitillo. El Cipitillo was a mischievous goblin-type creature who would be seen around the sugarcane mills, dancing in ashes. I loved to hear about him because I liked the idea that El Salvador had tales of ‘small people’, just like Ireland.

BB & B: What fascinates you about all these legends?

Nancy: What really fascinates me is that you can pick a legend, any legend, Cipitand find a similar story halfway around the world. Whether these creatures were once real, or people migrated and took these stories with them… I mean, how cool would that be to find a hidden species? And how cool is it that our ancestors were so creative, they told stories that still live on today?

BB & B: I’d never heard of the Sons of Mil legend until I met you and I must say it is fascinating.  What stood out in that story for you and why that particular piece to spin your series off of?

Nancy: I had written my stories and had found the main human characters would eventually meet with one goal in mind—fighting the non-humans. When I read about the eight sons of Mil, and how they banded together to fight the non-humans, I realized I already had 8 main characters! It was like something opened up and led me into this world. It’s also a tribute to the Irish side of my family.

BB & B: I know you’ve got a lot of projects you’re working on.  Can you give your fans a sneak peak of what’s to come?

Isle-of-Cipit-finalNancy: Welcome to my world! I have a graphic novel in the works – LEGENDSEEKERS – which will be all the books in comic book format, sort of like a comic book soap opera. The first will be The Isle of Cipit. I also have a movie in the works, based on In A Drink. I’ve begun a presentation/ lecture series on legends, a new book series called Tangled Threads, and tee shirts that

depict art based on the legends. I’ve also got three novels ready to be published.

BB & B: You’ve recently entered into a collaboration for a movie production for In A Drink; this would be a dream come true for many authors.  How are you preparing yourself for this?  What will be your role?

Nancy: I’m focusing on everything else so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. The actual thought of seeing it on the big screen is amazing. That part’s easy (the thought). Working on a script to get it on the screen will be a lot of work. Whether I’m writing it, or I’m helping someone else write it, I will have to make sure it represents My World. If it was a stand-alone book, there wouldn’t be a problem. I could just let the story come out as it comes out. Since it does tie in with the other books, I want to make sure I maintain integrity. I can’t have it veer off into a totally different direction than where it’s supposed to go. I’m not sure what my role will be, officially. I plan to ‘stalk’ everyone on set, though! I want to see everything! I want to see how the sets are made, how the wardrobe is chosen, how angles and lighting are chosen… everything! And I’d love to hear the actors’ perspectives on their characters.

BB & B: For those that have not yet read In A Drink, can you give a quick highlight of the book.

Nancy: In A Drink is a supernatural crime thriller about NYPD detective ChrisIn-A-Drink-ebook Gerardi who  moves to San Francisco in order to start a new life. Although he’s trying to get away from being a workaholic, he’s drawn into an investigation as soon as he gets to town. Several young men are being murdered, but there are never any clues. He goes undercover to help the SFPD solve the case, and quickly becomes the serial killer’s obsession. It’s no ordinary serial killer, though. It’s La Ziguanaba! He also falls in love with a young single mother who has much stronger ties to the Ziguanaba than he might be able to handle. I also have a twist on the ‘bad woman’ stories—it’s a man who is trying to cast a spell and bind someone.

BB & B: Writing has been such a journey for you and look where it has brought you J What’s it been like and do you have any words for other artists who are pursuing their dreams?

Nancy: The main thing is to dream. If you don’t have a dream, you have

nothing to pursue. I don’t know whether having a dream is a good thing or a bad thing, because I’m hardly ever just content to sit around and do nothing. I’m not happy unless I’m working on something—so your dream has to make you happy. If you have a dream you have to work hard to make sure it comes true. I work all day, but I’m also up early and up late working on my dream. I don’t rest. Keep growing in your dream. Don’t settle—the end result is never the final end result because there’s always room to change it. If you can fix it, fix it! Start new dreams.

And have a purpose. Yes, I want to entertain, but my main purpose is to bring these legends back to life. If I’ve piqued someone’s interest in La Ziguanaba or beings like her, then I’ve done my job! Everything else is just icing on the cake—everyone may not like icing, but you want them to eat the cake!

BB & B: Do you have any closing words you’d like to share?

Nancy: Welcome to my world!


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  1. The creature/legend/cover art is by Melissa Pinnola, Miguel Kilantang Jr, and Shane Burke!

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