BB & B got a facelift!

file6831251040142Okay, changing the site’s look wasn’t exactly something I’d planned on. In fact, it wasn’t even a thought. But, technology had other ideas. I got a prompt to install an update on my last theme. So, I did. Didn’t really think much about it, until my whole site crashed!

Anyways, thanks to HostGator, my host server, they got me back up. Problem was, the old theme was no good. It got corrupted. I was so bummed! I really liked the way my old theme looked, but I couldn’t use it again. I had to scour for another theme and came across this one. I like it, it’s different from my old one and it will take some getting used to.

I’m a creature of habit and new things take time to sink in. I just hope this theme package works. Sheez! Gotta love technology. I may still look for something else, but I want to test run this theme for a bit and see how it goes.

I hope you like it!

Lesson? Yes, rather than pulling out your hair when things go ka-bloo-ey, try to go with the flow. It’s either that or you’re thrown with the blast anyway. Moving with the flow results in less scrapes and pain and more bounce.

Well, that’s it for now. Fingers crossed, my  new theme holds up 🙂



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