file6831251040142Ideas… I have some ideas about things I’d like to do.  Whether I can do those things or not, well, we’ll have to see.  It’s matter of finding time and energy to commit myself to other projects.

One thing about self-publishing, there seems to be more ideas, projects, works-in-progress, than there is time to do them all.  It keeps things interesting, and at times overwhelming, but always interesting and never boring. I really wish I could do this full time! One day, one day, my dream will come true!

Here’s some ideas percolating through my noggin at the moment:

  • Doing reviews. But doing them a little differently. Most reviews talk about the book and also gives a rating. This is very important and I would definitely keep that element.  I know how valuable this is to the author and I want to help as much as I can. Here’s my twist,  I also want to offer up a valuable lesson in the review.  Like what I took away from the book, a quick tip from the book that I can share as a lesson or maybe even what I’m going to do with the information I’ve just learned… I could be a guinea-pig of sorts 🙂 My focus for this would be non-fiction materials on writing, marketing, and other books that would be helpful in self-publishing.
  • Creating a separate website for 12 Angels Publishing. This one has been bugging me lately.  It’ll be another site to maintain, but it seems like the right thing to do where I can really highlight the books and authors.
  • Creating products or swags for the books, authors, and 12 Angels Publishing.
  • Adding to my non-fiction titles.  I’ve been laggin’ on this and I need to get busy finding a topic that’s meaningful to me and something I hope would be useful to a readership.
  • Creating a list of providers that I’ve found for book covers, art work, etc.  I don’t have too many yet, but the ones I have worked with, have delivered consistent, high quality results.  They’re professional and responsive and always so easy to work with.
  • Offering more free downloads.
  • Creating more book trailers.
  • I want to learn photo editing too.  This will be a future thing, but how cool would it be, if I could create my own graphics?

What do you think?  Would you be interested in any of these things?

Thanks for coming by!


Writer’s Block

MC900441376[1] Aaargh!  I have hit a wall and I am now dealing with a bad case of writer’s block.  I’m not really sure what happened.  I was on a great roll.  My story was coming out, it was making sense, the characters were lookin’ good, then BAM!  Nothing.  I’m at a dead stop.  I suppose I should be trying all sorts of clever things to try and wake up my characters.  You know, so that they start talking to me again… but alas, I’m finding that I don’t even have the energy to do that.

Perhaps, it’s the Universe’s way to get my focus back on the real world?  To give my brain a short break?  I hope so…  Because for as much as I want to write, the creative flow is not coming.  The creative fount is temporarily tapped out.  My head is as empty as that thought bubble in the corner.  LOL!

What do you do to unblock your writer’s block?

Want to be interviewed?

Magic book

I am very excited about this little blog of mine.  While it is still small, I fully expect it to grow into a thriving hot spot for authors, readers, and anyone else whose attention it may capture.

I’d like to ask for your help to cultivate the growth of this little seedling I’ve planted.  I know how difficult promoting and marketing is and that is why I’d like to do my part to help.  I truly believe there is abundance for everyone and if we can help support each other, we can all succeed together.

I’d like to help by offering my blog as another way for authors and other artist to get the spotlight they so fully deserve.  I would like to interview you and post that interview on my site.  I’ll also announce the interview on Facebook, Twitter, and the post will also show up on my Author Central page.


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Books, Blogs, and Bits

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to start this blog that will focus on books, books, and more books!

I’ve always had a love for books, but recently I jumped right in and became a self-published author and publisher.  It’s been a wonderful learning experience and I hope to continue growing in this industry.

It is my hope that part of the growing will be achieved through this blog where I can provide you useful information not only about self-publishing, but also provide you reviews, highlights, interviews, and all sorts of other related materials concerning books and the wonderful authors who produce them.

Please share this sight with anyone in your life who has a love of reading and writing.

Together we can achieve the impossible!