Character Worksheet

file1971243184255If you need a worksheet to sort out your character(s), here’s one you can use.

When you open the worksheet you will find that it is structured for a paranormal character, but you are welcome to adjust your copy as it best suits your need.

The worksheet is adjustable and is in Word format (.docx) for your convenience.

The worksheet is not meant to be an end all, be all.  It is simply here to get your creative thoughts flowing. If you get stuck about a character, ask “why” questions like:

  • “why would John Doe do that?”
  • “Why was Suzie in that store (or other location?)”

You’d be surprised at how your characters answer you 🙂

I would also recommend keeping a library of your characters.  The bigger your story gets, the more characters will emerge and the more difficult it will be to keep track of everyone. Your library will be an essential resource for you to reference later on.

Also, don’t forget… characters change and evolve just like real people. So don’t be afraid to update your sheet as needed.  These sheets will become a living document to keep up with your characters.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN with this.


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