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Ok, here are the interview questions.  I hope you find a set that suits you.If not, email me at or use the Contact Page to get a hold of me and I’ll draft something for you.

Please be sure to read the short instructions below.

Let’s be superstars together!

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1. If you find a set of interview questions right for you, please save the document to your PC.  I’ve intentionally left the document in .docx format so that you can type right on the document.

2. Please email me your completed interview at: On the subject line, please say something like Interview Request so that I can flag your email as a priority.  I get a lot of junk mail and I want to be able to pluck out your email quickly.

3. If you have any pictures you want me to include, please be sure it is in .jpg format.

4. Leave me your contact info so that I can follow up with you.

5. Be patient, give me a few days to set up the post. I’ll email you info on the schedule for ‘go live’ on your interview.

6. I’ll do my part to spread the word about you, but this will work better if you tell your friends, family, and fans about your interview too.  Share your interview link and encourage your Followers and Likers to spread the word too 🙂

7. Positive thoughts.  Together we will succeed!





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