Poetry by: Miyaoaxochitl

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is proud to present;

free flow poetry by the talented:

Miyaoaxochitl or Miya (for short)


Look at you, you’re so beautiful—how strange, must be the lighting

I want to love the way your skin shimmers in the sun;

the way your pudgy nose compliments your face exactly

Your brown eyes full of tragedy raise a million questions

The remnants of the oldest of nations rest on your head, out of control always; in perfect harmony with your soul

I want to love your blemishes, your scars, for they show the barriers in the way

Your stretch marks are the stratum which tell of your struggles

I want to love your humble intellect

The flab under your arms… it might give you flight some day

Your very own essence tastes…

It tastes like tobacco

It tastes like coffee, red wine, and marijane

All concocted to make you an addictive substance

Too dangerous to savor

Too tempting not to



Mi amor por ti es suavecito,

like a gentle caress.

Mi amor por ti es paciente,

te esperaría una eternidad si me dieras el sí.

Your presence is putting on an old coat,

you’re familiar, comfortable.

Llegaste sin prender la alarma,

like a thief in the night.

Y de repente me encontré vulnerable,

without my armor.

Pero de ti no tengo miedo.

Me gusta verte sonreír, pues alegra el día.

Me fascina tu voz, tiene la potencia de derretir mi ropa.

Me intriga tu mente, porque enciende la mía.

Amo tu alma, pues puede cambiar el mundo.

Y así, suavecito, sigue mi amor.

Esperando que por fin aterrices en mi corazón.


Chapel chandelier