I love Canva!


How many of you have tried Photoshop or Gimp or some other photo editing software? I’ve tried Gimp and frankly I gave up pretty quickly. I don’t like complicated applications. I’m the type of user that want things to be simple, yet powerful.

I should be able to drag and drop, and move things around just by dragging the mouse. Right? Right! I thought so too. Unfortunately, and even though GIMP is free to use, it takes too much time to learn. I didn’t want to spend hours learning something I could pay someone else to do. I have very little time to build books, and attend to my book pursuits. I value my time, and I’d rather spend it on writing and reading. But, always having to pay for stuff is not always feasible either. It can get expensive, and when you need things in a hurry… well rush jobs cost more money.

And then it was like the Universe heard me and ta-da! CANVA came to me!! It is my new best friend. Since I came across it, I have been playing around at the site. It is FUN!

Basically, Canva has all the templates you would need to create anything from postcards to Facebook ads. The dimensions are correct, and all you gotta do is drag and drop images into the template. Even better is that Canva supplies both free and paid images. You can layer pictures just by dragging the mouse. You can also pick out some really great fonts to personalize whatever it is you’re creating.

I am not affiliated with Canva at all, but I do get very excited when I find products that make my life simpler and Canva is one of those products. It’s like when I find a great new bakery. I just have to tell all my friends 🙂 Same thing here! I think Canva is as delish as cupcakes.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to https://www.canva.com/

You have to create an account, but it’s free. Once you confirm your sign up, the world of easy design is at your finger tips.

Have fun creating!



Pad of Paper & PenVery recently I decided to take a stab at writing Fiction.  This is a leap for me.  Although, I’ve written short-stories back in the days of high school and college, I have not re-visited this style of writing in a looooong time.

My first published work, er I should say my only published work (so far) is Non-Fiction.  Spirit 101 came from my heart–it’s what I’ve been going through for the last several years.  By releasing this book, I essentially publicly admitted to some very personal difficulties I went through.  This was scary, but at the time and in the process of writing the book, the words came out relatively easy.

What I am learning now with writing fiction is that I have to put myself in a different head space.  The words don’t always just flow out.  I have to somehow coax it out and boy does it get frustrating.

I have to find that inner voice that holds the story I want to document.  But it is not the same inner voice that I talk about in Spirit 101.  Oh no, this is a different voice altogether–it is the voice of the characters!  Who would have thought that hearing voices in your head could be normal, and fun?!

My great friend Nancy Brooks is a fantastic fiction author and she often tells me, “just write.  Don’t worry so much.”  So… I’m taking her advise and I’m writing, writing, writing, whether I feel it or not.  The thing I’m finding out is that writing is a lot like any other activity we do.  The more we do, the better we get, the easier it becomes.

From a newbie’s perspective, here’s what I’m learning about fiction writing–so far:

  • Writing fiction is totally FUN
  • Your characters will have other ideas about how the story should progress
  • You have to be flexible and go with the flow when the flow is going
  • Writing fiction is totally FUN
  • As the author, you can create anything and anything is possible
  • You can have a lot of “muahahahaha” moments
  • Writing fiction is totally FUN
  • Get used to the voices in your head
  • You may get a little impatient with the “real world” at times, because you want to get back to creating… your world–the world of your characters

That’s it for now.  I’m back to my other world 🙂