Kindle Publishing

Magic bookI have one book published so far… and much to my dismay, it has taken much too long to follow up with a second book.  This is not to say, I don’t know what to write about because I certainly do.

It’s just I want to do things right the next time around.  I am learning so much since I first published Spirit 101 and there are some things I am definitely going to change when my follow up books are released.  I’m back at the drawing board–so to speak.

I’m not going for perfection–not yet, I’m going for better.  I figure each time I do this, it’s going to be better and more refined from my last efforts.  This is the great thing about Kindle Publishing, it is forgiving in the sense that the platform allows for do-overs.  How many other businesses allow for this type of growth and learning without too much loss?

Sure, it’s competitive, but at the same time the opportunities are so large that (in my humble opinion) there is plenty of room for everyone to experience evergreen success.

I want to build my book business not only to make my dreams a reality, but ultimately I would like to be able to help out other authors as well.  There is so much creativity out there and I think it is an incredible time when we authors have had tremendous doorways opened for all of us to succeed.  The kindle platform is probably by far the most ginormous doorway yet.

For those considering self-publishing, going through Amazon’s Kindle platform is a great way to go.  If you want to learn about how to put together your books and how to publish, here are a couple of free books (direct from Amazon) that tells you exactly how to do it.

Building Your Books For Kindle

Publish on Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing

Other benefits of Kindle Publishing?

  • Most trusted marketplace in the world and growing.  This means built in consumers :)
  • Kindle is continually expanding
  • Amazon promotes you.  This isn’t an automatic, but if you do things right, you got the biggest book seller promoting your work.

If I can share any words of wisdom with you, I would say this… beware of gurus selling products that promise the world.  Do your research.  There are treasure troves of free information ready for the taking (like the manuals above)–you just have to be patient, sift through it all, and look with very discerning eyes.

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