file6831251040142Ideas… I have some ideas about things I’d like to do.  Whether I can do those things or not, well, we’ll have to see.  It’s matter of finding time and energy to commit myself to other projects.

One thing about self-publishing, there seems to be more ideas, projects, works-in-progress, than there is time to do them all.  It keeps things interesting, and at times overwhelming, but always interesting and never boring. I really wish I could do this full time! One day, one day, my dream will come true!

Here’s some ideas percolating through my noggin at the moment:

  • Doing reviews. But doing them a little differently. Most reviews talk about the book and also gives a rating. This is very important and I would definitely keep that element.  I know how valuable this is to the author and I want to help as much as I can. Here’s my twist,  I also want to offer up a valuable lesson in the review.  Like what I took away from the book, a quick tip from the book that I can share as a lesson or maybe even what I’m going to do with the information I’ve just learned… I could be a guinea-pig of sorts :) My focus for this would be non-fiction materials on writing, marketing, and other books that would be helpful in self-publishing.
  • Creating a separate website for 12 Angels Publishing. This one has been bugging me lately.  It’ll be another site to maintain, but it seems like the right thing to do where I can really highlight the books and authors.
  • Creating products or swags for the books, authors, and 12 Angels Publishing.
  • Adding to my non-fiction titles.  I’ve been laggin’ on this and I need to get busy finding a topic that’s meaningful to me and something I hope would be useful to a readership.
  • Creating a list of providers that I’ve found for book covers, art work, etc.  I don’t have too many yet, but the ones I have worked with, have delivered consistent, high quality results.  They’re professional and responsive and always so easy to work with.
  • Offering more free downloads.
  • Creating more book trailers.
  • I want to learn photo editing too.  This will be a future thing, but how cool would it be, if I could create my own graphics?

What do you think?  Would you be interested in any of these things?

Thanks for coming by!